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Support Activities

The support activities of the Centre represent a global approach to the well-being of the patient and includes the following:

  • Timely diagnosis of the clinical manifestations which may represent food allergy by the multidisciplinary team based on:
    • completion of allergological tests and oral challenge tests for food allergy in its various forms
    • completion of blood tests, endoscopic tests and breath test for lactose etc. or that which is necessary
  • Treatment of patients affected by food allergy
    • the dietitian will be able to advise on alternatives and ensure that the child gets enough nutrition in his/her diet. This is extremely important in young children who are excluding any of the major food groups e.g. dairy, wheat and eggs.
    • psychological evaluation, treatment, and focus group for children and their families, with the Psychologist of the Centre
    • evaluation of new therapeutic protocols

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