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Center of Excellence

Head of the Center Dr. M. Antonella Muraro

Veneto Centre for Research Diagnosis and Treatment of Food Allergies and Intolerances, Department of Pediatrics - Padua General University Hospital, was founded in 2005 with the Regional Law n.26 of November 26th, 2004. The Centre Head is Dr. M. Antonella Muraro.
Allergic disease affects over 30% of children and the number of children presenting with allergies appears to be increasing. There are many ways that allergic reactions can be expressed such as eczema, urticaria (hives), asthma, rhinitis, gastrointestinal upset (where food allergy is suspected), conjunctivitis, and in more severe cases anaphylaxis.

Food Allergy

Food allergy is an immunological reaction towards normal foods. Food intolerance, on the other hand, is due to a lack of enzymes and / or pharmacological or toxic mechanisms.

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