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Educational Projects for the School

The management of the anaphylactic emergency
In recent years the incidence of food allergy in school-age children has increased (McIntyre CL, Sheetz AH, Carrol CR, Young MC. Administration of epinephrine for life threatening allergic reactions in school settings. Pediatrics 2005; 116(5): 1134-1140). Given these numbers, it is probable that school personnel will find themselves to be responsible for managing students at risk of serious allergic reactions (Hay GH, Harper TB, Moore TG. Assuring the Safety of Severely Food Allergic Children in School. J.of Schhol Health 2006; Nov. 76(9): 479-81). An adequate follow-up of children with food allergies, with detailed instructions for schools, is able to significantly reduce the incidence of emergency cases of anaphylaxis in the school community. (P Ewan, A Clark Clin Exp Allergy 2005; 35:751-56). The project includes:

  • the definition of the guidelines to be followed during normal school activity and during an episode of anaphylaxis, realizing a consensus protocol for Veneto schools in accordance with the Regional School Office Management and with the collaboration of the patients' association Food Allergy Italia;
  • the realization of a training net for teachers and educational workers regarding the problems surrounding food allergy and anaphylaxis.

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